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Bulletin level. Select an ad that has not been approv and continue iting it. A panel will appear above the it window with information on the reason for the rejection.  Verification button. Ads take a long time to approve Sometimes ads are left pending for a long time. This is due to a technical issue. This issue can be resolv in two ways: Copy the ad and wait for it to be review or create the ad from scratch. Write to Support Chat. The ad on was reject even though it did not violate the rules. If your ad is disapprov even if you disagree with the reason.

There is also a Request Manual

How to appeal a review result for or If you Mexico B2B List did not request the manual verification button or this method does not work please contact technical support directly. Advertising Everything You Ne to Know Social Sharing:    How Auctions Work We understand how the different social network’s ad systems auctions work in order to show an advertiser’s ad to an audience. been touch There is a first price auction. This means you will pay exactly the amount you specify in the rate. Even if it significantly exces the rate of other advertisers the system will not correct it downward. Meanwhile multiple advertisers are vying for users’ attention.

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Coca-Cola’s Auctions in Target

Determine in real time which ads to show Agent Email List to specific people. Selection is affect by rate. For example you are prepar to pay Rubles for an impression while your competitor is prepar to pay Rubles. Obviously the second advertiser’s bid will win. But some campaigns rotate by cpc and some don’t. However they participate in the same auction.  this fair all bids are adjust to one number. With pay-per-click bids will convert from to or be valid. Therefore when us ad delivery is not only affect by the bid but also by the click-through rate of the ad. Alternatively you can use the Services to track newsworthy events and analyze audience interests. When launching a campaign it is very important to set your bids correctly. Start with ⅓ of the.

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