The 7 best advantages of using WordPress

The 7 best advantages of using WordPress WordPress is a content management and publishing site and one of the most famous. It was launched on the web in 2003 as a search engine for blogs, which is also called a website. WordPress has become an integrated website creation tool in addition to many plugins available […]

The evaluation and risk analysis stage

This model includes four stages, the first of which is the Identification stage, where information and labor market requirements are collected, and as the project progresses and exits from the initial spiral to the final one, the requirements for the system and units are also determined. All this through direct communication with the customer. The […]

The software recycling stage

The first of these stages is commercial design, in which the flow. Distribution of information is designed to carry out a complete commercial analysis to know the basic information, how to obtain it, and how to trade it. Data modeling in which information obtained from the business model is collected, analyzed and compared. Processor modeling […]

Communicate with clients

Stages of the intelligent model The intelligent model, let us call it two functions. Includes an internal function represented by the five stages and an external function represented. By the process of repeating the experiment to reach the final stage, which is the stage of acceptance and final launch of the program. The five stages […]

Stages of the waterfall model Planning

The stages of software development in the ironing model are the planning stage. The analysis stage, the design stage, the construction stage, and the testing stage. Stages of the waterfall model Planning and analysis stage: In this stage, the market is studied and analyzed, the needs and opportunities available for launching a program are assessed, […]

Al Noor Online Software Development Company

  It is called the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Software is designed and developed to achieve specific goals according to which the program is formed and built. Such as programs designated for the use of a specific company or open source software. If you are looking for a custom software development company, Al Noor […]

Avoid publishing large images

  PHP language Finally, PHP is a free, open source language whose texts are executed on the server. This language enables the website to generate dynamic content on the page. It also gave him the ability to create, read, open and write files on the server. It also contributes to the process of collecting data, […]

What are the best website design companies in Saudi Arabia

  Building the website, including developing the back and front interfaces based on the required designs. Website hosting (Web hosting), i.e. hosting the website files What are the to make the website available for use. Writing website What are the best website design companies in Saudi Arabia content (writing the names of sub-pages and their […]

Some words unclear on the interface

Let’s understand together: Have you ever noticed that when you visit a specific site using a laptop, and then visit it again from a mobile phone, you find some menus missing or some words unclear on the interface? This means that the site developer did not care about developing the front end to suit all […]

The specializations available in the field of website

The programmer receives the design from website designers and turns it into a website that already exists on the Internet. Website developers use different programming languages ​​or programs such as: Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, ASP.NET. Python The specializations available to build a website identical to the design they received from the team of interface designers. […]

Photoshop and Illustrator to design

” The field of website design is concerned with everything that the visitor sees. On the screen of his device, whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop. In short, the difference between website design and website development is that website design. Companies rely on using a set of visual means such as: icons, […]

Digital content management systems

  The primary goal of website design is to display three-dimensional information and depict the content in an effective and attractive manner that makes the visitor more interested in viewing the website content. In addition to the media, the design also includes colors, logos, and other artistic or engineering matters. At this stage, there are […]