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Off on a phone Neighborhood Design Advice Image How to Lay out a Neighborhood Correctly and Beautifully Example Community Design Advice Image Community Design Advice No. Image Solution Put Important Information at the Center.  cover. What nes to be stat on the cover It is important that the cover reflects the client’s interests and is […]

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As a critical platform.for promotion such as an online store with a wide audience and delivery all over Russia. If you sell dresses you can show them on models shoot reels with beautiful images and find an audience that way. Another possibility is to run an expert blog on a wide range of topics such […]

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Will guide the user down the right path and will not send data to the administrator. Its target audience is not limit by geography Year Month Day What is Advertising and Marketing   which is also the element in a call-to-action publication that motivates the reader to take a certain step. Acts as the final […]

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On the other hand clients don’t ne all these details.s to create ease of use. For example this is how we notify administrators of new messages in How to notify administrators in and In the case of making a sales funnel this is how the customer controls the performance of the funnel. Analytics comes out […]

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Characteristics of the audience. How to find and attract a solvent audience What is she interest in If you have an expensive product span your audience to find the right niche. For example when selling expensive cars download the geopoints of elite chalet settlements and intersect them with the interest in buying cars. services then […]

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Someone who can afford to pay Only those who are willing to buy! In this article I touch on the fact that a solvent audience is far from what you ne.  targeting and how to find it Solving audiences are the holy grail of all advertisers targeting scientists experts and marketers. Everyone wants to find […]

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To appeal to a male audience. That’s how Eresh emerges a robot with an ironically condescending slightly arrogant communication style. How to Create a Mascot Brand Identity Types Development Examples I will give an example of an Eresh replica.  work we only had one character image as you can see above. We use words to […]

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For example a company that sells stockings and socks for problem legs came up with a character like Grandma Tanya. characteristics of the product. Who better to sell socks and stockings that are warm knitt and healthy than grandma Example Another example of the role of a maintenance company. The owner of a maintenance company […]

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What is he like in your company At this time the customer gets the first benefit from you He finds that there is a customer path and just builds it. He’s a joy tells you how his company works and you listen and understand wha. Absolutely nothing should be done sprinkl with terms load with […]

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We use trump cards.  Imagine we’re writing an article Hooray I’m in serious St. Petersburg right now it’s great here! Is this communication effective of course not. This is not history. Posts like I had breakfast I don’t have time today I’m sad are just a series of events. They don’t stick. What happens if […]

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To cool down the apartment with the fridge. Why doesn’t it work helpful post in your fe you want to scroll through it. There’s a lot of complicat information that you ne to delve into but the main thing is that we didn’t connect what was written to our own experience. For example a nutritionist […]

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Surveys If you have your own database you can ask them if they use competitors’ products what they like what they don’t like who they choose when they buy from you. conversation and you’ll get a lot of information. People often say things in these kinds of interviews that they wouldn’t share on social networks. […]