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Except retail Thurs. eve or pm. Micine and Pharmacology: Wnesday and Saturday mornings. Cosmetics: Friday and Thursday pm pm or pm Technology: Monday and Tuesday pm ucation: Thursday pm or pm How to determine the best time to post The research data provides a general idea of ​​the impact of posting time on activity.  some accounts this may be different. To determine the best time to post specifically for your account on Facebook analyze the results of older posts. Method 1: Poster To do this access the service enter the account address in the search bar and set the desir time interval for the analysis. To draw correct conclusions you ne as much data as possible so choose a period of three months or longer.

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Make sure it doesn’t include irrelevant data: for example events during the New Year’s and May Day holidays events during major games.  analysis. Click Download and find the Day of the Week and Time of Day Chart: How to Determine the Best Time to Saint Lucia B2B List Post on Here you can find data about the effectiveness of posts made on your or someone else’s account. Average Publication Efficiency by Time of Day Method: Analyzing statistics using built-in account analytics. It’s for business accounts: if your account type is personal you won’t see this data. You can connect your business account in settings. You ne to link your business page to your profile.

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If you don’t have one the social network Agent Email List will offer you the opportunity to create a page during the process of switching accounts. later this page exists in name only and contains only the business profile. One important difference between business profiles: it cannot be made private. So if you ne privacy this method of finding the best time to post won’t work. Statistics will only be perform after the business profile is enabl. If you’re doing this now wait for the data to accumulate while you read the article. To estimate the day of the week and time of day that the post was made you ne to collect data for the week. Go to the.

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