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Account detail analysis service. post format content choose different dates it is not possible to compare them by position in the . To calculate how close a project is to a project we calculat the relative percentage of engagement receiv relative to the day’s leader using the following formula The proximity of the item to . To determine the liveness of the project we pars all sites with publish products disregarding mobile apps and other products publish on other sites and filter them bas on whether there were errors in the site responses etc.

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To period rirection to hosting site parking Finland B2B List there is a message about project closure and outdat data in the footer year or year is the most recent date. filtering taking into account traffic data from All calculations bas on Pacific time zone Results Activity depends on posting time Average votes depending on posting time Average votes depending on posting time Average relative activity depending on posting time Average relative activity depending on posting time Summariz by day Product Search activity aggregat by day by hour vote aggregat by hour vote aggregat by hour activity data aggregat by hour activity aggregat by hour contrary to popular belief that it is best to post on a Tuesday whether from the top Likelihood still judging from.

B2B Email List

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The number of votes receiv the most successful Agent Email List time is around midnight on Sunday-in the morning. On Mondays and Tuesdays this. Time the average engagement is. Slightly higher but the chances of ranking #1 are much lower.  the first position are Wnesday and Thursday. On any given day there is a noticeable drop in activity for products launch after noon. Content-Bas Activity Average. Votes Bas on Number of Tags. Average Votes by Number of. Tags Average Relative Activity. Depends on Number of Tags Average. Relative Activity Depends on. Number of Tags Average Votes. Bas on Number of Images Average Relative. Activity Bas on Number of Images Activity by number of images average relative activity by number of images Activity bas on.

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