The purpose of this service is

Second it monitors trends and analyzes competitor content. Brand Eyes monitors brand mentions in online social networks and print mia  on reviews. Track brand mentions on social and print mia Short stacks analyze content in social networks provide statistics on pageviews retweets traffic sources devices us on landing pages. Talker tracks brand mentions on social mia and a company’s reach across platforms.

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Help analyze the impact of social mia activity Christmas Island B2B List on business performance. Intel analyzes publishing metrics and develops a content . Applies to    . In the latter it also monitors and collects video comment data. Social status A tool that automatically collects statistics from social networks. Analyze your own page content and your competitors’ page content compare them and consider the cost-effectiveness. Lucidia This social mia analytics tool uses machine learning to crunch big data. Analyze content discussions authors. An unusual feature: a map of live streams and post visualizations where you can search for publications from different platforms by keyword or hashtag. Service Analysis Content Discussion.

B2B Email List

Strategy bas on those metrics

Social  to improve the quality of customer Agent Email List service in social networks. To do this it analyzes publications that mention the brand as well as the text in such posts and notifies you of new mentions. A well-known account detail analysis service. Determine the best time to post format content choose hashtags analyze stories and traffic to your website. Fowler I analyze any account: subscribers number of publications content of posts hashtags reactions. Bas on this it suggests publication topics that will get a good response. The service includes various tools for analyzing pages in a social network. Tackle any social mia task: analyze post engage.

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