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Proportionally to the number of subscribers and publications. Average engagement by number of subscribers for mium pages tend to have more posts per day but lower per such post. The average of the page by number of followers On top the best engagement per post is for small accounts up to 10000 subscribers: their average is . However as the number of subscribers increas from 10000 to millionaire accounts there was no significant decrease: the indicator remain at the level of . Average Page Engagement on Facebook measur by number of followers On Facebook like Facebook large groups post more and each group receives fewer reactions.

On Facebook large pages

Page Average Engagement by accounts with Chile B2B List the most subscribers had the highest engagement per post while large accounts perform the worst. It’s worth noting that unlike other sites Facebook’s growth doesn’t scale proportionally to the number of subscribers and posts—every tweet gets reactions on its own regardless of other account content. This is due to the generat Due to a new algorithm for fes. The average engagement of a page is highly dependent on the number of subscribers with small accounts having the highest average engagement per post per day. The reason may be that creating video content is more labor-intensive and even big channels don’t publish multiple posts per day.

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Number of Subscribers Small

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