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Stages of the intelligent model The intelligent model, let us call it two functions. Includes an internal function represented by the five stages and an external function represented. By the process of repeating the experiment to reach the final stage, which is the stage of acceptance and final launch of the program. The five stages in the SMART model are identical to those in the waterfall model, with some slight differences, as receiving evaluation occurs continuously and the research and design phase is not as detailed and in-depth as in the waterfall model.


The best way to communicate with clients

Renewal occurs at all stages with each iteration through feedback and proposals until the final product is reached that satisfies the customer and is finally Russia Email List launched. This model may take a period of time between one week and three weeks for one iteration. In this model, a philosophy is adopted based on the fact that individuals must be organized and morally motivated in order to work and cooperate together. Another logic is that the best way to communicate with clients is by using software prototypes so that their proposals are practical and effective and that clients should be kept up to date with the project. Finally, the most important point is to have speed in dealing with change on an ongoing basis.

The RAD model relies on minimal planning

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Other models of the software development life cycle. Software development models are not limited to the previous two models only. Although they are the most widespread, but there are other models, including: Rapid form. Rapid Application Development RAD is a model dedicated to conducting iterative experiments to develop preliminary. Programs without Italy Email List a planning or study stage. As they are integrated into the code writing stage. The RAD model relies on minimal planning as opposed to producing a prototype to be presented to customers. To obtain proposals to be included in the next model, and this continues until a final model is reached. This model is divided into other mini-stages that work together at the same pace.



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