What are the best website design companies in Saudi Arabia


Building the website, including developing the back and front interfaces based on the required designs. Website hosting (Web hosting), i.e. hosting the website files What are the to make the website available for use. Writing website What are the best website design companies in Saudi Arabia content (writing the names of sub-pages and their contents. The blog, about us, contact us, etc.). Choose a suitable domain from a specialized website. GoDaddy (the domain is the address of the website on the Internet, example: www.elnooronline.net ). Learn about:


Choose a suitable domain from a specialized website

Programming languages ​​use in website development and design. The developer may be the primary responsible for writing the code for the websites, but the designer must be well-verse in how to use these languages. Even in many small projects, the designer plays the role of developer and vice versa, so there are many designers who are good at writing Oman Email List codes. The first programming languages ​​used: HTML language On websites, it is the HTML language, which is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language. What is distinctive about this language is that it uses the tag to identify the content. Such as <p> and <p/>, where the first is a key tag and the second is a concluding tag, and between them the content is written. This language represents the foundation of the website.

Connecting it with elements written in HTML

Email Data

CSS language Then comes the role of the CSS language, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Which is responsible for beautifying and improving the appearance of the site from a technical standpoint. This language is written by connecting it with elements written in Canada Email List HTML to control colors. Shading, font type, etc. JavaScript language It is the JavaScript language that implements the form or pattern in which the website interacts. Such as creating a website for your restaurant and processing data. In addition, it is used to design programs, games, and phone applications.


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