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It is called the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Software is designed and developed to achieve specific goals according to which the program is formed and built. Such as programs designated for the use of a specific company or open source software. If you are looking for a custom software development company, Al Noor Online Software Development. Company is the best nomination for you. The company uses the highest technology software development stages, and also provides an online store application design and development course.

Software development life

cycle models There are three models of the software design life cycle: the waterfall model, the agile model, and the agile model. The waterfall model is called this in reference to its sequential structure, as all stages are implemented sequentially, and it is the most Poland Email List common model. In this model, the software development life cycle passes through several stages: the planning and analysis stage, the design stage, the implementation stage, the testing stage, the documentation stage, the deployment stage, and the maintenance stage. The smart model is a model that depends on dividing the project into specific sections, conducting tests, and receiving opinions and feedback in order to benefit from them for each section.

The philosophy of the intelligent

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Model is based on the fact that each project likes to be worked on differently. Uses tools or methods specifically designed for that project. The program development stages in this model are implemented in parallel, where a group of teams. Works on each stage, and information and updates are circulated between them, so that the results are collect. Upon Germany Email List completion of the project to come up with a program. That is presented to the clients, and an evaluation is received. So that the previous stages are repeated again according to them until the completion of the project is reached. The project is the final form of the program.

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