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Research The team conduct such a study in 2009 bas on millions of posts in 3 social networks calculat activity statistics for different content formats engagement rates for different pages and compar them with 2019 data.  the average activity of publications is estimat bas on when they were publish. What day of the week is it possible to post on Friday Publications get the most engagement. Tuesday is the second most active. Users are most active in posts publish on Sundays. Post time The study confirms the theory of increas activity in the morning and at the end of the workday. The annual user activity shows the highest value.

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Between to and among which the Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List participation is the highest. The minimum active time is until. In 2009 the most active time of users has shift to between is the explosively active time and is the least active time. choosing the best time to post on Facebook. Notably there was an increase in nocturnal activity in 2010 compar to 2009 especially at night between 1 and 2. These changes may be due to users spending more time on their phones before going to b and vice versa with relatively less activity the rest of the time. The shift of peak activity from mid-morning to mid-morning may indicate a change in user wake-up time possibly due to some viewers returning to the office and normal living habits.

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The Pre-Pandemic Routine Hoodie  study Agent Email List in collaboration with the posts. The findings are not as important for companies operating in Russia as researching local market accounts but they are also useful for research because in general they can tell us when it is best to post photos on Twitter in other regions. The study shows the best times to post on accounts in different regions. Travel and tourism: Fri. am to pm. Tuesday and Monday are also lucky days. Mia and entertainment: noon to mid-afternoon Tues. and Thurs. Food and drink: noon on Friday. Retail: Tuesday Thursday Friday at noon. Worst time to post: AM to PM. Services and Services: Fri Tue W am or pm. Nonprofits: Tuesday pm or am. E-commerce.

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