From then on, it is possible to determine the most effective management model. The PMI model is the oldest and most recognized for administrative practices. PMI is the most important international organization, with numerous representations in Brazil through its chapters, which works with professionalism on the subject of project management. According to Menezes (2018) this is the safest protocol. For Jordão et al. (2015), PMBOK understands a project as a temporary effort undertaken to create an exclusive product, service or result, with project management perceived as a management area that applies “knowledge, skills and techniques in the elaboration of related activities to achieve a set of predefined objectives with established deadlines, costs and quality” (p. 281), through the mobilization of technical and human resources.

whether project-oriented managing

Their businesses through projects. Practically all activities of an organization can be treated as some type of project 2017). In public institutions the scenario is no different  Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers Email List  with so many normative instructions to comply with, added to the reduced body of employees and the increasingly restricted budget line, the project management methodology is consolidated as a response to meet so many demands in an attempt to achieve excellence in the service provided to the customer, which in this case is the entire Brazilian society. Like any project, you must define what needs to be achieved and decide how the project will achieve those goals. Each project begins with an idea, vision or business opportunity, a starting point that must be linked to the organization’s business objectives (KERZNER, 2017).

In the observations detected in this study

we found an opportunity for improvement to develop the contracting of the building maintenance service as a project, where in addition to the labor required for execution, inputs are also provided to carry out each task, be it a simple change of light bulbs or a complex restructuring of the electrical network. To meet the proposal, the team that formulated Aero Leads  the bidding notice, which is the official document that guides the contracting and execution of the service, met several times to mature the idea and be able to put it into practice so that the flaws previously identified, will not be repeated in the coming years.

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