The objective of this study through this

Article is, in addition to addressing the sanctions set out in law no. which deals with acts of administrative improbity, it is also to bring to society’s light the pros and cons of said law – also appearing in the its core – the concepts of administrative morality, since, as it is a diffuse concept […]

Digital Pixel launches digital marketing course

Digital Pixel will promote, on the , a Digital Marketing course for Managers. The course, which will take place at Espaço Helium Multiuso , aims to teach managers to understand the possibilities, metrics and results of digital campaigns, thus being able to act more actively and assertively in their companies or with the agencies that […]


From then on, it is possible to determine the most effective management model. The PMI model is the oldest and most recognized for administrative practices. PMI is the most important international organization, with numerous representations in Brazil through its chapters, which works with professionalism on the subject of project management. According to Menezes (2018) this […]

the smart way to adopt ai in customer service

Examples include detecting negative Moreover, sentiment from a customer expressing frustration with a bot and escalating that interaction.After that, To a human as quickly as possible. Another is to automatically distribute customer emails across different areas of the business according to the reason for contact. This allows brands to be more efficient and paves the […]

Gusto Payroll provides HR tools, including onboarding

Metrics that align with your goals, such as brand awareness, media coverage, website traffic, lead generation, etc. Regularly track your media coverage and website Gusto Payroll provides traffic using tools like Google Analytics and media monitoring software to see how your PR efforts are impacting your online presence. Also, collect and analyze customer feedback and […]

19 YouTube SEO Best Practices for Increasing Traffic & Views

YouTube is a uniquely powerful platform for your brand. It’s the second-most-used search engine in the world after Google and the second-most-popular social media platform after Facebook. It’s also a really competitive space. Every hour, 30,000 new hours of video are uploaded to the platform. In this torrent of content, how can you possibly stand […]