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Retweets subscriptions of publications. All users can see this information. View the group’s public stats For a more detail analysis of the stats go to the Statistics section. In the mobile app on the community page in the upper right corner click the gear and select Statistics in the window. By default detail statistics are only available to¬† available to everyone. This feature is intend for public property owners who sell ads public statistics prove that placing in the community will be effective. To change access to community data scroll to the very bottom of the stats page there is a block Community stats available for who.

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Here you will find the following sections Luxembourg B2B List Community Posts Entries. One way to view statistics for pages that are open to access The Coverage and Attendance section contains graphs that can be display by day week or month and select the desir time interval. Below the analysis shows information about the audience Gender Age Geography Device Mobile Device Computer. The Page Audience Information Activity section in Statistics displays information about user actions Subscribe to be notifi about new posts in the community. Engagement metrics likes comment retweets hiding community posts from fes activity in albums participation in discussions. The Community Posts section collects information about communications with the Page.

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Even if you’re not connect to. Community Agent Email List information about requests users have made to your company through the write message button on the community page. There are two graphs here Unique users who sent messages Number of messages sent and receiv. For communities with more than one member record statistics are available. By default this data is not collect. When you first enter this section click the Enable Advanc Statistics button. Unlike the other stats section above detail stats for posts are only visible to admins and itors even if you have open stats to everyone in your settings. In the Posts section Analytics displays data about each community post. On this site you can view data on the.

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