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Networks creating a queue with messages.  The Stories app Unfold Mojito The Stories app is a very useful and handy tool for any manager. This applies not only to stories on Facebook but also to vertical content on social networks in general. The application has templates in many styles including minimalist classic trendy and many others for every taste.  Free Basic and Premium Free and Premium Stories  free and paid version Mentions and Mentions software for and is an application for managers especially useful.

Unfold Mojito Multiple Stories

When monitoring brand and competitor Azerbaijan B2B List mentions in social networks. With it you can track in real time what people are saying about you or your competitors on different websites.  but there is also a free trial. may be bugs and access issues so on  you can download a separate working version of  use the official website or a similar version of . End and Software End among other things is a handy application for creating and iting visual content. Logos photo itors flyers business cards posters all can be found in . Free templates and a pro version are available in the app. If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive content app this is a great choice. The app on is an email marketing app and more.

B2B Email List

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Here you can manage lists add new subscribers create campaigns and view and create reports. Campaigns can be creat from and sent using Agent Email List the app. Convenient and free app with the possibility to purchase premium features and try a trial version. By the way the same developer has an application that allows you to send messages to subscribers and talk about companies. Keyhole & Apps Analyzes Hashtags Keywords is a hashtag account and keyword analysis app. The service shows a post’s popularity clicks retweets and more. The app also allows you to view your stats and your competitors’ stats on   and . A paid plan allows you to use integrat service tools. and Apps for Digital.

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