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Advertisements in theollection applications advertisements on website pages in In the full version of the site users will see ads in the left block below the menu. The following are small text graphic banners divid into three types bas on destination: External Website Ad Banner External Website Community Community App Ads in App Stories The mobile version of the site displays ads in Stories. These are full-format ads which means your ad will take up the entire user’s screen making it harder to go unnotic than other ads.

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Ad Targeting Options  choosing the audience Slovenia B2B List your ad will appear on and on partner sites. Let’s see how to apply them: Geography Here you can set location settings for your viewers. There are two types of geographic settings: Cities and regions You list the countries regions or settlements where your target audience lives Ad targeting settings On the map Select Point to a point on the map and set a radius around it   select the location type Social network Bas on the behavior of users to determine where they frequently visit live or work depending on the regularity and time of day when they are online.

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This ad setup is ideal for local businesses: for Agent Email List example a kindergarten in a new area or a coffee shop trying to attract employees from a nearby business center. Demographics Ground Возраст Выберете возраст аудитории обратите внимание что таргетироваться important to your niche For example you sell wding cakes and target Brides please use this setup. Marital status setting in target advertising Interest setting is the most important part of target audience.  interests in a number of ways. For example you’re advertising a sports nutrition store. Important note: First use only one type of interest setting. The different types of setups overlap each other: that is you get users for each setup. As a result the audience will become too narrow for you to run an advertising.

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