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Market for bloggers has grown significantly: in addition to accounts with millions of subscribers micro-influencers and macro-influencers today also sell advertising. a BMW but a florist in Saratov and the cost of the post or story is low enough to include a collaboration with a blogger into the aforemention ad budget it’s easier to arrange a placement with their florist . There are two ways to set up and run ads on the app. You can set it up through the app itself or through your ad account. How to set up target advertising on Targeting is available for all business accounts. Make sure you only have one account or transfer your.

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Account from personal to business in Panama B2B List settings.  ads on Facebook: Promote a post from your profile or go full setup in the ad locker. For starters promoting a post is even easier: just click the Promote Post button choose a few options and the ad will start. But the possibilities are also severely limit you can only promote those posts that are already running on your account. This method is not suitable for website promotion and any external resources. Use it if you want to cover a specific post and don’t have much time to set it up. How to set up an ad on Facebook via an ad account is suitable for any purpose: video coverage attracting subscribers increasing traffic to your website selling items from your store.

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To start targeting on: Find the Ads section Agent Email List in the drop-down menu on the top bar. Here are the details on how to set up your ad on: Choose to Advertise on Read more about targets in the help. If you still don’t understand anything choose Reach or Traffic. Select the ad objective above and set it up Determine the budget and ad schule Select a lifetime budget if you know when your ad should end such as when a store discount ends or a daily budget. You can change this in your ad settings. Set the event’s start date if the event starts later than now.

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