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The week across all social networks  Posts from late evening to early morning get more reactions. Worst of all posts made between the hours of 100 am and 100 am are still valid. Viewer activity varies by hour on the website. Posts in the afternoon and mid-afternoon work best while midnight is the worst time to post. Relative audience activity by hour Posts publish between midnight and 100 am receiv the fewest likes and comments. There are two distinct peaks of activity in the social network am to pm and pm to pm. Hourly Relative Audience Activity User activity decreases from 100 PM to 100 AM. Engagement is lower on posts between 100 am and 100 am and the best time to post is around 100 am.

Audience activity by time of day

On Twitter the average number of reactions to USA B2B List a  again in the early hours and drops in the early hours. Morning and afternoon am to pm are the most active times and am. exist Among them posts publish at 100 am and 100 am receiv the most responses. The graph below shows the average distribution of activity across all social networks by time of day. Average activity distribution by hour across all social networks Content type and its impact on engagement Divide all publications into formats text photo video link. On Facebook posts with photos prov to be the most effective while posts with videos and links lost out to posts.

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With photos and text. Relative Activity by Content Type on Facebook Posts with videos perform much better on Facebook while those with links Agent Email List perform the worst. Relative activity on Facebook by post attachments On effect on engagement. Links in research are consider to be tags of other accounts carri in the text or links to external resources defin in the text although they are not clickable. Relative Activity on Posts by Post Attachments In  posts with text receiv the most reactions while users interact the least with posts containing links. Posts with videos receive fewer reactions than posts with photos. On YouTube the video format dropp significantly while engagement was nearly evenly distribut across other types of.

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