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Reports evaluate the engagement and popularity of material with different hashtags and content types choose the best time to post calculate relat publications by time of day The average effectiveness of its average effectiveness over the analysis period.  various social networks and compare your pages in different networks as well as your own account with your competitors. It is also possible to set personal filters bas on content types and keywords in the service. Fees: Tariff plans: free trial one month in rubles quarter in rubles special packages in rubles. Pure Social for analytics on other accounts on a single platform for social networking.

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Allows you to schule and publish publications India B2B List to multiple social networks as well as track analytics: engagement subscriber growth story metrics. be view here. Fees: Tariff plans: I Business Dollars will help publish and analyze the Huth Suite platform for publishing and analyzing publications in social networks. It provides monitoring of mentions hashtags publications and team work on all interconnect social networks. Here you can also follow comments and reply to them. It helps to generate reports on social network pages as well as analyze the overall effectiveness of brand investments in social networks.

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Perfect for large teams and brands. Cost: Plans Agent Email List Professional Dollar-Month Team Dollar-Month Business Dollar-Month and Personal Plans for Larger Companies Analysis and Reporting Tools Squire Lovin’s platform for creating user-generat content and analytics on posts and accounts. From here you can analyze each post view detail story analytics explore the engagement levels of your account and the best time to post your content. Since the platform’s main goal is to handle user-generat content for brands it is more suitable for.

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