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Main Both formats appeal to both general users and businesses to view create and share content. However there are significant differences between them. Content in Stories opens in full screen. Stories disappear after hours unless the post author saves them to Trends. Here you can use creative tools: stickers emoji .  has more than 100 million. Show Content in Stories Fe content takes up less screen than Stories. It remains on the account forever unless delet. Filters can be add at creation time. Study participants look for differences between the formats. Users from all four countries have found.

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Stories and Fes to be the right place to post beautiful work and experiment with ideas. However people associate the use of occasions. As a result Ecuador B2B List stories are expect to see real-time raw photos and  video of a fashion week or a boomerang of an athlete before a big game. There are many more uses for this fe the most popular of which are finding information or finding new products and brands. Therefore in order to more accurately assess which actions have a greater impact on the results it is necessary to use advanc analytics in  which will show data on subscribers’ interactions with content. Will do an excellent job of analyzing personal and other people’s accounts. Bas on this data marketers should use it to launch new products and use it to attract users through authentic content.

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The benefits of the ad example story emerg two years ago and the format is now us by 100 million users every day 100 million at the time of study Agent Email List publication. To understand the reasons for the rapid growth we focus on the format’s value to users. Study participants felt that the story format improv their relationships with friends and family. They appreciate the vulnerability of content like this which will disappear in hours if not sav. This ensures that the topic of conversation remains relevant. More than a third of users said they became more interest in a brand or product after seeing it online. What do users connect to stories and fes By exploring the associations between people in.

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