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Mentions and .group chat activity. It can be us both for administration and just to collect data on user activity in chats for example peak activity times for each participant. What metrics does the bot help collect Activity by time as well as direct chat activity participants during select time period and average per day number of messages different metrics are also available for all time average per day and per hour. To collect analytics data you also ne to add a bot to your chat. How can I do my own research on the channel If for some reason your channel is not suitable for services or bots for example the audience is still small or you want to get data that does not cover certain shows there is a good chance that.

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You can do your research on your own Cocos Islands Keelings Email List channel of all you ne to¬† want to know about your subscribers such as their hobbies fields of work what content they like most which channels they still read which area they want to develop when your channel is read etc. Focus on the topics and features of the channel or chat you are analyzing. After that you can choose one of the following tools: Polls in : The ability to create polls in channels or chats built into chat is great for quickly getting your subscribers’ opinions on a particular issue. Offers quiz formats with correct answers anonymous voting and multiple choice. You can also run a series of surveys to get to know your audience better and the main thing is not to bore your.

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Subscribers with the same format so it is Agent Email List important to think ahead about questions wording and order. Trigger posts with questions at the end: We motivate our subscribers to discuss a topic by directly asking them a question you care about. For this you also ne to connect the comment to the channel. It would help if it was important to know what people think about any extend topic and to hear their views and arguments. At the same time this option works well if an atmosphere of trust has already been establish in the channel or chat.

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