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Registration is requir. chance factor. prize. The General Rules of Business important to keep in mind when creating a contest Unsurprisingly it is forbidden to Create fraudulent or deceptive groups pages and events. You cannot impersonate another brand. Or note that this is an unofficial page in the title or description. Gambling real money online gaming and online lotteries are prohibit. Written permission can be issu to promote them but you’re unlikely to get it. Irrelevant hashtags in posts or encouraging users to use the wrong hashtags. . For example you cannot ask users to leave fake barter reviews. Business.

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Page Design Rules Headings should be free from profanity mistakes and unnecessary punctuation. Your cover photo and profile photo musts products Bulgaria B2B List or sponsors. If you’re collecting data from users you ne to make it clear on the page that your company is not collecting the data. Automatic collection of data by robots is prohibit. Competition Rules You are responsible for the legality of the competition its rules requirements for participants for example by age. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws regarding the receipt of compensation for example obtaining licenses from all necessary regulatory authorities.

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Contest rules must provide for full indemnity Agent Email List to each entrant and the contest is not sponsor endors operat or affiliat in any way. personal pages. On Facebook it is illegal to ask users to share posts or otherwise incite activity to enter a contest. Contests can be run on business pages groups events and apps. What should be includ in the contest rules Rules are best plac on a separate landing page. They will be detail and legal. Write Entry to the contest is free. The geography of the event. Game date time date and time zone. Requirements for participants e.g. age. Terms of Participation. Prize description. Date the winner will be announc Method to.

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