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Video availability  video availability Average votes for each given tag Average votes for each given tag Average activity for each given tag   The average activity of various assign labels. Items with tags are closer together on average and receive more votes than items with fewer tags. Apparently this happen due to the themes section that was enter. In the activity chart by number of embd images statistics are given only for items containing at most images although during our analysis we found hundrs of products with   or even as many different screenshot of the . However statistically images are sufficient and larger numbers.

Product search activity bas on

Tend to be less effective. According to statistics France B2B List items with video rank higher in the website and get more engagement than products without video. So to start a project on  it is important to have a video. The leaders among all metrics closeness to and votes in terms of project topics are tools design to help designers. Project management investing and developer tools are also close by. General Statistics for Total Votes per Month Total Votes per Month Average Votes by Project by Quarter Average Votes by Project by Quarter Top Most Active Hunters Top Most Active Product Seekers Average Votes by Hunter Average Votes Depends on Hunter Average Activity Depends on Hunter  Average Activity Depends on Hunter.

B2B Email List

With video things are really easy

Percent of currently clos products by date Agent Email List post on Lik on % of currently clos products by date post on The percentage of clos products various attributes of your post can have a significant impact on your ranking and overall post impact. Pay attention to the possibility of publishing over the weekend there are fewer publications these days so you are more likely to get notic and be ahead of the curve. Having a video and a sufficient number of images to showcase your product will be a great advantage. If it’s big enough to be includ in a collection of different topics be sure to tag it in the description. Paying enough attention to.

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