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Gets an extensive analysis of post videos: of subscribers average time spent watching each video interests of subscribers and other metrics Help improve content. In  even if you switch to a business or author account these are still the standard metrics for views likes comments and saves. What was the first shot If you’ve decid to promote your account with YouTube or just want to try new things and create video content try one of these popular formats. A highly view video with quick outfit changes to great pop music.

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Popular fashion bloggers using this technique Iraq B2B List get a glimpse into the installation scheme and voice. This format is great because it fits  period: New Year’s Eve Halloween and summer vacation will give you ideas for dressing up your scrolls. The colorful makeup also attract a large number of fans. Here it’s on full display: the more unusual and brighter the more the video captures. And don’t forget that good light is especially important here. The atmosphere aesthetics of Shanzhai core has won the hearts of users.  music a set of natural scenery simple daily life rural scenery retro style make you want to watch it again feel as comfortable and calm as their heroes. Get inspir by the mood of your favorite blues and calm tracks take the first one.

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The slow video with charming

Users also really like the shift. This goes Agent Email List for repairs clothes makeup cleaning hair. There are many theme tracks dicat to this format don’t forget to find the right music to further attract subscribers. Tips or Life Hacks Life hacks and quick recipes and solutions are things we love to see even if we never implement them. Videos on is no exception so think about what you can share with your subscribers. A new social mia content format is an opportunity not to be miss. Now with a growing audience is helping those trying to create video content with views: it recommends videos shows them more frequently to subscribers and other users in.

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