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Allows you to analyze data from various social networks eg    etc.. From here you can track various metrics such as number of subscribers likes and comments as well as identify the most popular topics and hashtags. Analyzing Comian s popular British comian Jimmy Carr. Download his annual profile stats on MMYY-DDYYYY. In Analytics you can sort posts by likes comments engagement and date. We exclud popular videos from interviews and posters because. is a platform where people primarily want to see the popular as a person not an artist. We watch specific monologues jokes and other things that interest us. From this we conclude: Most lik topics: Relationships and love role-playing games in b personal life.

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An material about intimacy. According to reviews there’s a lot of dark humor in the winner’s material as well as intimacy and the difficulties of parenting mix with dark humor. Record it remember it and move on. so let’s move on. Download Jimmy Carr’s account details: We see sort by Likes Retweets and   . Our conclusions: Immiately catches the eye the most popular format is again the most popular genre is Night Clubs Bars Email List crude jokes and dark humor the most popular topics are relationships panic attacks and age-relat issues as well as advice for single men Hashtag KangNow We no longer use the example of an individual comian but of a comy group. is the most famous comian channel in the CIS region which includes a large.

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Number of different comians which means that there is a lot of different material and themes. we ne. Upload to your account: Hottest Agent Email List Topics:and baking Likes and Speeches Hot Topics: Nostalgia for childhood weird things in b kid behavior In addition to the above popular baking star videos among young adults bas on comments Also Popular Matt Live Matt Live was a popular American actor and comian. He actively promotes his social networks so he’s a good fit for us. Loading account data: We conclud: Most popular posts are improvisation.

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