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The digital menu with QR Code is a simple and accessible technology. Which brings several benefits to your establishment, as it eliminates the printed menu. And, even with technology, it ends up being much more economical. Understand everything about this system. QR Codes (quick-response code, in Portuguese) are not a new technology: they were invented in Japan, in the 1990s, and became popular here a few years ago, as smartphones became more popular. spread among Brazilians. These days, it’s common to see ads on television and other media that ask you to point your cell phone camera at a code . With a simple gesture, you are directed to a link configured by the company.

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Your internet browser, right. With the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital menus with QR Codes. Brought this technology to bars and restaurant. After all, with them, customers do not need to touch printed menus, which could be vectors for the virus. However, in Qatar Phone Number Data addition to health issues, digital menus with QR Codes offer several other benefits for bars and restaurants that adopt them. For starters, they are more attractive to customers — for them, this technology is here to stay. Plus, they’re the most affordable way to eliminate printed menus . Well, perhaps you had never thought of any tool other than the old paper menu, but know that this technology can be adopted any bar or restaurant. Therefore, in this article, we explain everything you need to know about it.

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Bars and restaurants How the digital menu works with QR Code The operation of the digital menu with QR Code is very simpl. Precisely why this technology is so interesting for bars and restaurants. You may have already used or seen this type of Singapore Phone Number List  menu somewhere. But let’s explain it step step: You host the file or image of your menu on a link on the internet. You link this link to a QR Code, which must be displayed at the establishment. The customer points their cell phone camera at the QR Code whenever they want. The QR Code directs the customer to the file or image you chose. Note: Currently you can find systems available that facilitate points 1 and 2 mentioned above.

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