Promotion strategies: 4 best options to sell more

.Promotion strategies are among the most common tools for attracting customers and increasing a commercial establishment’s profits. However, for the results to be truly positive, it is essential to create attractive promotions with clear objectives: attracting new customers, promoting specific products, increasing traffic, among others. Furthermore, it is very interesting to have tools that help […]

You just need to store them correctly.

In fact, if you accept orders through apps — and have an ERP management system integrated with delivery apps — you can extract this data from the customer’s own registration. You just need to When serving via the counter, you can take advantage of the table and command system for customer registration. After all, it […]

Customer registration: what it is, how to do it and its importance

Customer registration is an essential practice for stores, restaurants and other types of businesses. It is relatively simple to carry out and can help a lot with personalizing service, customer loyalty and strategic decisions. Understand everything about this subject in the following article. Customer registration: what it is, how to do it and its importance […]

This is the case of PIX, which has already become the preferred

In 2022, there were 24 billion transactions through this method, moving 10.9 trillion reais. That’s more than credit cards (18.2 billion transactions) or debit cards (15.6 billion transactions). Of course, many of these PIX are made through banking and person-to-person applications. But many are payments for products/services in commerce. With this in mind, several acquirers […]

Types of card machine: guide to the main models

Did you know that there are different types of card machines — and that there are relevant differences between them? More than looking for the best rates and conditions, it is essential to choose the best card machine for your business thinking about the features it offers. To do this, we need to know more […]

Everything about Digital Menu with QR Code

The digital menu with QR Code is a simple and accessible technology. Which brings several benefits to your establishment, as it eliminates the printed menu. And, even with technology, it ends up being much more economical. Understand everything about this system. QR Codes (quick-response code, in Portuguese) are not a new technology: they were invented […]

Testimonials from satisfied customers and guarantees add

Purchase: This is the stage where the customer makes the purchase. Make sure the purchasing process is as easy as possible. Excellent service, whether online, an intuitive website or app, a simple checkout process and customer support available in case of questions can make all the difference. After purchase, a personalized thank you email can […]

How to create a perfect customer journey: steps and tips!

In a digitalized and highly competitive world, customer experience has emerged as one of the fundamental pillars for business success. How to create a Companies don’t just offer products or services, they provide experiences. The customer journey has become a critical area for standing out from the competition and retaining customers. In this article, we’ll […]