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Choose the optimal size audience. V people will rotate slowly and be exhaust quickly. A broad audience may not be the goal. You can target an advertising campaign to an audience of more than one person. Viewing Possible Reach and CPC Settings The final setting on advertising is the choice of rate and payment model. In most formats there are two payment models and cost-per-click pay-per-click You pay each time you receive a click on your ad. This option is great for beginners because it won’t blow your budget. Bids are influenc by an ad’s CTR The higher the CTR the lower the recommend bid for that ad.

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CTR shows the percentage of users who Malta Phone Number List saw the ad and click on it. cost per mile pay-per-impression You your ad but you will still receive clicks. The CTR here does not affect the bid but it does affect the cost of the click. Look you pay for advertising according to the model rubles. The budget for the event is rubles. If the click-through rate you will get clicks in rubles. Impressions Budget   in thousands we are looking for exact impressions Clicks Impressions Budget clicks rubles. If the click-through rate you will get clicks in rubles. The recommend rate for your setup will be indicat. These values ​​are usually higher than actual values try to indicate half of the recommend value. If your ad isn’t running gradually increase your bid.

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How much does advertising cost The Agent Email List advertising budget depends on the duration of the mission campaign the target audience seasonality and other factors. The minimum budget for a supplementary advertising account is in rubles. with this amount or you will not be able to advertise on . The cost of the result depends on your setup the complexity of the task the season for example in the month competition is severely increas and advertising costs increase. The cost of one click and one impression also depends on the settings but is also technically limit by certain formats. For example in advertising posts cannot be lower than.

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