You can run searches

You can run searches Of this solution is that not don’t make. Errors so you are sure that your boolean expression is correctly written. You can copy-paste it blindly. Forget about the other linkedin boolean search tool you have seen on the web. ChatGPT is your best companion for this use case. Linkedin doesn’t tell you when your boolean is wrong If you write your boolean expression manually and you make an error, Linkedin won’t tell you. They will simply not apply the entire query and run the search anyway.

That is why it is super You can run searches

Important to triple check your boolean Fishing and Forestry Email List query before copy-pasting into Sales Navigator. Where To Use Boolean Search on Linkedin? You can use Linkedin boolean search in different places: Linkedin Basic Linkedin Sales Navigator Linkedin Recruiter In each of this search engine, the boolean search can be used on: The job title field The keyword search field Company field School field . Linkedin Basic Search On Linkedin basic search, boolean search operators can be used on.

Job Function Email List

The general search

First Name Last Name Title Australia Phone Number Company School linkedin boolean search basic search engine like this one boolean basic search Keyword filter will look into specific fields whereas the general search bar will look into the whole linkedin profile: job titles job description school skills recommendation general keyword search linkedin However Linkedin basic search is not able to handle quotes. If you try add more than expression between quotes you will see this message: linkedin basic search not handle quotes It’s weird as Linkedin says there are not able to handle your request. It’s for sure a way for them to make you buy Sales Navigator. . Linkedin Sales Navigator Same thing for using boolean search on Sales Navigator.

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