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Getting the views you want the problem may not be with your account but with the quality of your video. Despite this:  significantly e.g. video doesn’t even get a single view; video won’t enter recommendation fe  ; no new subscribers; delete comments on account; long video moderation. How to check if you’re in the shadow ban If you think your account is in the shadow ban try checking for yourself : Check out the stats for new videos. If the source of the views is primarily or exclusively from subscriptions then you are in shadow ban. If more opinions are recommend then everything is in order: shadow ban check.

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Through another account check.  only follow Hong Kong Phone Number List yourself or you have a friend who often sees yourNew video check Ask this friend if your video is in the main fe. If the video suddenly disappears then you’re in a shadow bath. How long does the shadow ban last There is no direct answer to the question of long-term bans. Some say the shadow ban on his account last a day others claim that the ban last a month but on average users report that the shadow ban on their account last days. In China generally speaking the shadow ban will also last for two weeks. How to Get Rid of a Shadow Ban on How to Get Rid of a Shadow Ban Since there is no official statement about the existence of a shadow ban there is no effective.

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Way to get rid of it. of the ban as soon as possible: just wait. Wait for the time to pass post a test video after a day a week two weeks a month and see the results. When you realize your account is free you can continue to upload videos regularly. Remove videos that violate the rules. If you suspect that one of your videos violates our Community Guidelines or if you have block a video altogether please remove it. Reinstall the application. Some users claim Agent Email List this helps. If you don’t have anything of value in your draft try deleting it and downloading it again. At least you don’t lose.

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