Xerox brand copier and Xerox

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When a brand becomes a household name Iran Phone Number List the company becomes establish and marketers can retire. Of course this is very unpleasant forthe brand name is officially recogniz as a household name the company will lose all trademarks and rights to the word. In Russian this phenomenon has a name of the same name. Let’s look at an example of when a brand name became a household name and what it entail. The most famous and resonant case of photocopying happen at Xerox. In fact the device is call a copier and the process itself is call photocopying. When the words copier and photocopier became commonplace.

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Xerox start to lose its identity which caus big Agent Email List problems. The company’s management launch a massive and costly campaign to protect its brand. The advertising slogan was: You can’t Xerox a document but you can copy it on ais Xerox. Xerox is more than copiers. Google You hear this phrase a lot meaning to find information on the Internet. As a search engine it may not necessarily be but the essence is the same. At some point the company became concern that the company name had become a household word. Merriam-Webster says it is by looking up information. In 2009 a group of plaintiffs fil a lawsuit in an attempt to get the term recogniz at the.

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