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With many resources to Follow your target companies and engage. With their content Following your target companies on LinkedIn is another LinkedIn hack you should use as a job seeker. Recruiters can see on the LinkedIn Recruiter Dashboard if you have expressed interest in their company, engaged with their content, or if you’re interested in future roles. linkedin recruiter view Source Besides following company pages, engage with their content if you’re looking for a new job.

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Get noticed Another reason this hack Buy A Motorcycle Owner Mailing List works is that recruiters usually receive many applications when they post a job offer. One way they filter through these is by selecting those interested in their company. Being among that group greatly increases your chances of landing a job. . Fill your skill gaps Don’t just get bummed when you see a job posting that mentions a skill you lack. Instead, take this as an opportunity to fill these gaps in your skillset. A great place to do this is LinkedIn Learning.

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You can take to fill your skill gaps. linkedin Bahamas Whatsapp Number learning An added advantage of filling your skill gaps is that it allows you to include and rank for new keywords in your industry. . LinkedIn feature: Interview Prep Interview Prep is a new feature LinkedIn has added to help job seekers in acing their job interviews. All you have to do is record a video to practice your responses to common interview questions. You can get feedback from a -st degree connection or AI-powered feedback from LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s Interview Preparation also provides you help you take your interview skills to the next level. If you’re a job seeker, I encourage you to jump on this one asap.

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