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When you share your This will make your profile visible on LinkedIn search and on search engines. Its also important if you want to become a LinkedIn influencer as it ensures your profile is shown to nd and rddegree connections. . Pin a featured post Pinning your featured post is another LinkedIn hack that can get you traction on the platform. Its a great way to promote your services your best content and even introduce yourself.

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To pin a featured post Create and Australia Physiotherapist Email List post something exceptional View the post Click the three dots in the top right corner of the post In the menu click Feature on top of profile. All it takes is a few minutes of searching for your most important posts and pinning them. Houston Golden is a LinkedIn expert and shares a short video describing his services his strategy call and his weekly newsletter as featured posts. With this strategy he generated leads to help over entrepreneurs generate millions in revenue and half a billion content views. pinned featured post for lead generation.

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Managers land their next job and Belarus Phone Number pins lead magnets on her profile to generate leads pinned featured post lead magnets . LinkedIn skill hack mention achievements and pin them Your achievements are your selling points on LinkedIn. They show the value you can add to an organization or client. Dont be afraid to flaunt them. Tell your LinkedIn friends about your work successes like getting a promotion winning a prize speaking at events or starting to sell a new product. wins everyone can be happy with you and it might even encourage others. Post about them and pin them so everyone who visits your profile sees them.

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