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Website offering failure to submit offers is understandable – in response to the announcement. In the Competitiveness Database, no one sent an offer or express willingness to complete the order. Rejection applies, for example, to situations when the contractor does not use. The form provide to submit an offer, but fills. In the data on its own company document. Fills out the offer form contrary to the instructions or does not attach the mandatory attachment. Another issue is exclusion, which is relate, for example. To the situation when the contractor is subject to mandatory exclusion for the reasons specifie in Art. Public procurement law.

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When the selection of a contract contractor through the competitive procedure has fail due to the above-mentioned circumstances, the contracting authority has the right to use the single-source procurement procedure. Particular attention should be paid to Photo Retouching the fact that the selection of a contractor is possible with unchange contract terms and conditions, taking into account the conditions set for the contractor specifie in the original inquiry. However, before deciding to place a single-source order, it is recommended to analyze the request for quotation once again.

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A situation may arise in which the requirements for contractors are too restrictive or the deadline is inadequate. After carefully analyzing the conditions, deadline and making sure that there are several potential contractors on the market, and determining Agent Email List that the description of the subject of the contract is sufficiently precise and the conditions impose on the potential contractor are adequate to the nature and specificity, it is worth trying to publish the request for quotation in the Competitiveness Database once again. The Intermediate Body also recommends such action first. If a contractor is still not select, he or she may be select in a sole-source manner.

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