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YouTube and upload it with a watermark the algorithm will see it instantly. Information about the person who post. Same as post fe.  your account the more likely they will see your new videos. Tip: When you post a reel do not check the Do not post to profile grid checkbox. Upload a video to appear on your profile. If you don’t like the profile view open the post click the three dots in the upper right corner and click Remove from Profile Grid. So won’t show up on your profile but will go into your subscribers’ post fes.

The more people engage with

Otherwise the video will only be display in Philippines Phone Number List the reel tab.  You could talk endlessly about algorithms. This is the unknown secret and all the giants want it so they make it themselves. Reminds me of the crab cake recipe from SpongeBob Square Pants. but we will highlight the main principles. According to official guidelines the algorithm considers several factors before showing you a specific video on a specific topic: They are not much different from other social networks and have one common principle: the algorithm adapts to the interests of the user. Key factors: Videos you like Videos you share Accounts you follow Content you create Comments you add to favorites Videos you hide.

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How Recommender Systems Work

Authors you mark as uninteresting Also the Agent Email List algorithm reads the information in more detail : Video description which identifies any keywords that can tell the algorithm what the content is about especially useful when searching for a specific video. Hashtags for categorizing content and or telling algorithms what a video is about. Audio such as sounds and songs is us to identify trending audio content and make it available to a wider audience. Your phone and card settings are also taken into account: Device Type Country Settings Language Preferences Nuances of the algorithm: After a video is post it goes through a pre-review which can take anywhere from.

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