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The linkedin account This approach works if you only have a few Sales Navigator URL to convert. What about if you have hundreds of them Answer in next part Use a Google Sheet formula If you have hundreds of Sales Navigator URLs to convert you can use a Google Sheet formula to convert them all at once. Here is a Google Sheet formula you can copypaste just edit the cell if necessary here its A This formula works exactly the same in Excel and Google Sheet.

To convert company The linkedin account

LEFTSUBSTITUTvigator urls Network Marketing Contact List to linkedin url google sheet formula Step Copypaste the Google Sheet formula in the nd and apply the formula to all the cells of the columns clicking and dragging. sales navigator url conversion google sheet page URLs you can use this formula instead LEFTSUBSTITUTEA sales lead in FINDSUBSTITUTEA httsales n This process is more efficient than the manual one. But what if I told you that you could do even better More in the next part . Use Evaboot Linkedin Sales Navigator scraper.

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Some tools can automatically

Convert sales navigator URLs Austria Phone Number to linkedin URLs while they are scraping your Sales Navigator searches. two types of linkedin urls This is the case of Evaboot. One of the best tools to export sales navigator leads into CSV files. How To Export Leads From Linkedin Sales Navigator To Excel Export Lists From Sales Navigator Export Sales Navigator leads for free Evaboot automatically provides the two types of Linkedin URLs The URL with the unique ID  in jbjezequelevaboot The Custom URL https  in ACwAABsxDsB Zr kW LPmzlqRFQuIVI uik You can see that both URLs lead to the same profile. The custom URL can be changed by the owner of but the one with the unique ID doesnt change. That is why its better to.

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