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Product you ne to promote it advertise PR and generally do everything to get people to first know about the product and then consider buying it. program is storytelling. Therefore storytelling serves the following purposes: Forms knowlge about a company and or product Improves customer awareness and trust Creates an emotional connection with the audience Where does storytelling come from In 1999 David Armstrong   wrote the book “:” which introduc the word storytelling for the first time. On top.

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Of that employees don’t always understand what’s expect of them when working with complex manuals and instructions from their superiors. to dig into the stories of employees in moments of crisis aka crisis moments. How they act in difficult life Russia Phone Number List situations that almost everyone faces. Today it can be call an example of human beings. Agree that it’s easier to read and understand stories about a company’s success than instructions on how to succe. Storytelling Examples Storytelling has more applications in our lives than we think. For example we encounter this technique for the first time in our lives through fairy tales when the authors convey morality and an understanding of good and evil through history.

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Here IKEA releas a video ” years ago in which employees communicat through drawings and infographics how the brand values ​​are reflect in the Agent Email List work process: An ideal example of storytelling is a TV commercial. Companies often use family history everyday heroes and how the product has influenc them. It could be fruit juice for the whole family chocolate as a gift a success story of one person entering the lottery etc. Publish a book about his company in the form of storytelling describing the principles of the pizzeria the personal qualities of the founder and the entire path to the success of the company. That’s how storytelling comes together with stunning effects. 

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