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Sales Navigator the results Parenthesis (Sales OR Marketing) And then all my blacklist in the last parenthesis (Assistant OR “Right Arm” OR Founder OR “Co-Founder” OR “Cofounder) Then put all together into the same boolean query (VP OR “Vice-President” OR “V.P” OR “Vice President” OR “Head” OR “Manager” OR “Chief) AND (Sales OR Marketing) NOT (Assistant OR “Right Arm” OR Founder OR “Co-Founder” OR “Cofounder.

This template is super Sales Navigator the results

Convenient to stay organized as your Fast Food Email List boolean query get bigger and bigger. Use ChatGPT To Craft Perfect Boolean Search Strings If you give precise instructions to ChatGPT, it can craft the perfect boolean search for you. As boolean search is a rigid language, AI and automations can handle it pretty easily. Talk some time to talk with the bot, ChatGPT might find a keyword idea you didn’t think about. linkedin booleansearch chat gpt Here is the prompt I used: You are a sales operations expert. Your mission is to craft the perfect boolean search to find decision makers working in Sales in the software industry. I want to use the boolean search on Sales.

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Title field Give me a boolean Azerbaijan Phone Number expression I can copy paste. Make sure to exclude non-decision makers from the search. Use all the boolean operators at your disposal: AND, OR, NOT, parentheses, quotes. Here is the result that ChatGPT gave me”Vice President” OR “VP” OR “Director” OR “Chief” OR “Head” OR “Manager”) AND (“Sales” OR “Business Development”) AND “Software” NOT (“Associate” OR “Assistant” OR “Intern” OR “Coordinator” OR “Specialist” OR “Analyst” OR “Executive”) I copy-pasted this expression into the job title field of are pretty good. Super easy-to-use. chatgpt linkedin boolean search One advantages.

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