Retargeting allows you to reach

Ads to users who have logg in from other countries at least one time in the past six months. ucation and work people looking for graduates or students of specific schools and universities faculties can be select employees of specific companies or suitable positions. The disadvantage of this setup is that the information is bas on data from the questionnaire. Not all users include information about where they study and work in their profile.  menus set in ads Devices operating systems browsers Show ads to users of certain devices on e.g. if you promote an app or software. Also this setting will help you find a device model in the desir.

Features of ucation and work

Price segment for an audience with a Macedonia Phone Number List specific income. Important This setting does not limit where your ads can appear.  if the user has visit from that device multiple times in the past few days. That is if a person logs in from and now opens a social network from a computer he will be taken to the auditorium and see your offer. an audience that has already interact with you a person visits the site enters the pixel database and sees an ad in the fe again a buyer leaves you with his email or phone number you will The user contact list is upload to the ad account The buyer sees your ad in You have collect the user base using a parser Upload it to the ad account The user will see your ad. Pixel Retargeting.

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A user is in the target audience

To start building an audience for your Agent Email List website create a retargeting pixel. Go to Rirect Pixels to create a pixel. Follow the instructions install the. Code on the site check that it works. Correctly in the ad account the status Working will appear opposite the pixel. Create Retargeting Pixels Create Audiences. Bas on Pixels in the Audiences section Build audiences through retargeting to drive audience reach for target ads. When setting up a campaign keep an eye on the audience reach projections in the right column of the setup itself. It is very important to.

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