Requirements to Create a Company in Mexico

To open a company in Mexico, it is essential to have permits. Licenses in order and be registered with different government agencies. If you already have a business idea and want to consolidate it as an SME or another type of company, these are the requirements to create a company in Mexico. Contents hide Initial procedures Registration. Federal Taxpayer Registry Authorization of the name. Ministry of Economy Constitutive Act Name usage notice Notice of declaration of opening of commercial establishments. Registration in the Public Registry of Commerce Employer registration with the IMSS. Registration before the other corresponding. Organizations Licenses and permits Land use license Operating license Ad installation permission Other considerations.

Registration in the Federal Taxpayer Registry

All businesses have to comply with their tax obligations, therefore it is necessary to Biotechnology Email List register your company. The SAT in the Federal Taxpayer Registry as a legal entity in the Decentralized Administration of Taxpayer Services (ADSC). You must pre-register as a legal entity and then schedule an appointment. Online to continue the process in person at one of the Tax Services Modules. Once you have your registration and e-signature. I recommend that you also contract an electronic invoicing package. So that you can issue your CFDI’s Authorization of the name by the Ministry of Economy The procedure has no cost. 

Notice of declaration of opening of commercial establishments

This procedure is carried out with the objective of informing the SAT of the opening of any Agent Email List premises, establishment or place where economic activities are carried out. The procedure is free and is carried out during the next month after the opening of the establishment. To learn more about this procedure you can go to the SAT website and follow the steps indicated. Remember to save or download the Acknowledgment of tax situation update movements . Registration in the Public Registry of Commerce It is an institution in charge of granting commercial legal protection to all companies.

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