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Under age is employ and on maternity leave interest in a healthy lifestyle then the profile would look like this Ekaterina age. Marri children years old years old. Work as a HR manager in a large company. Go Pilates. Examples of  take the example of a furniture store. Let’s imagine what kind of target audience profile this project could have. Lyudmila  bought an apartment for her eldest son and furnish it herself. He doesn’t understand modern interior trends but wants to make a clean design. Work as a senior accountant in the banking industry. Marri with two children one yr and one yr old. He enjoys reading and exploring.

Target Audience Profiles Let’s

Russian cities by car. Lyudmila will fall Cyprus Phone Number List into such a situation they are repairing. His description might look like this Female and Male  Travel Culture Healthy Lifestyle. Got marri and had a baby. They buy real estate and make repairs the value lies in reliability and quality. Attitudes to product categories They buy furniture out of ne for centuries. Attitude towards the brand They trust quality and they are willing to pay exorbitantly for it. Mikhail 20 chooses a sofa for his rent apartment. Appreciate minimalism and fluidity. Work as an account manager at an advertising agency. I love sofa travel and photography. Not marri no children.

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The description of the belonging audience is as follows Female and male age average income and average income interests travel entertainment development fashion venues social networking. Single marri no children.  first home. Relation to product category easy to assemble low price modern appearance. Attitude towards the brand Loyal because of the design of the goods and services but if he comes across a profitable offer of similar qualities he will choose the one that is favorable to him. How to Create an Audience Profile An accurate description of Agent Email List your potential customers will help you fine-tune your communications find new ideas post topics advertising messages that appeal to your audience. Your real customers can be the.

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