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Account Statistics are calculat bas on page views of publications. There is no common engagement metric likes comments etc. not heavily Audience activity by day of the week Audience activity by time of day depends on the amount of text in the publication Audience activity depends on the week Audience activity by volume of text in publication by day Depends on audience activity by volume of text in publication Audience activity by volume of text in publication and time of day Audience activity by content of publication Average engagement rate depends on audience size Details are disclos in the full version of the study.

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Methods Interpretation of Results as bar Cameroon Phone Number List graphs where each bar represents a single metric’s percentage of the total. For example if the social network audiences were active on Mondays and Thursdays when compar the actual difference would not be  but . almost. For convenience the differences shown in most charts are maximum and minimum. Since the analysis returns all data in the local time zone the final result can be interpret in exactly the same way as local time. It should be not that the results indicate activity across the social network and may not be relat to specific pages.

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Statistics for all sections are present

In this case for practical use it is  that evaluates Agent Email List a single page. Different pages of the results report highlight general conclusions and comparisons with the previous year’s statistics. In the text version of the material some parts on some social networks may be missing. In this case the results can be seen in the full version file attach at the beginning of the article. Viewer activity was moderate. By day of the week with. Activity levels leveling off for each day of the week with activity levels highest on Thursdays. There were no significant differences compar to years.

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