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Past experiences are Really frustrating when you spend min on it). boolean search tiny fields linkedin It’s way better to first write your boolean query outside of Linkedin in a notepad on then paste it into Linkedin. That way you can easily spot potential mistakes. When you boolean search start to + line long, errors come easily. . Keep iterating Your boolean query is a tool that will evolve as your business grow and gain more information about your ideal customers.

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Make a search, you might find profiles Norway Email List that you find irrelevant. Add them in your blacklist using NOT. You might discover new keywords or new job titles you didn’t thought about in the beginning. Add them to your targeted keyword lists using OR. Your boolean query is not something. It is alive and should make it evolve every time you learn something new about your target. Problems of Linkedin Boolean Search Linkedin Sales Navigator is a great prospecting tool but Linkedin database has some flaws that can harm the quality of your searche.

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Job experiences correctly Keyword Norway Phone Number search looks into the whole profile Lucky for you, Evaboot is capable of detecting these “false positives” . People don’t update their job experiences When you use boolean search in the “Job Title” field, Linkedin will into all the profiles that declared their experience as current. You can see it with tag “Present” on the job experiences. double current experience linkedin However, many people forgot to “close” their previous experience when they open a new one. It means that many still considered as current by Linkedin. This problem create a lot of false positive in your search.

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