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Past company filter sales Sales Navigator search results. sales navigator keyword filter The keyword filter will look into the whole profile of linkedin members meaning: Headline Job title About Skills Schools Recommendations and more It means you should be cautious when you use this filter. Let’s take a dumb example: Imagine you write “sales” in the keyword filter. If someone writes “I hate sales” in its About section, then this person will be picked by the filter.

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Filters on Sales Navigator: Company Healthcare Email List Headcount Current Past Company Company Type Company Headquarter . Company Headcount This filter help you build a leads list of people working in companies of a certain size. company headcount sales navigator search filter Be aware that his filter takes into account the manual input of companies on their company page and not the real number of employees declared on Linkedin. company headcount input These two numbers can be different if the company forgets to update it as it grows.

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Make sure to double-check your El Salvador WhatsApp Number lead lists to see if the numbers match. Plus the linkedin count will only matter if a majority of employees are on Linkedin. Let’s say you are looking for Construction companies, a large part of the employees won’t necessarily be on Linkedin . Better not trust the linkedin count for non-digital companies. . Current Company This filter allows you to look for people working in specific companies. current company filter sales navigator . Past Company The Past Company filters allow you to target people who used to work at a Company. navigator You can also combine Current Company and Past Company filters to look for alumni of a company into another company. For example people who used to work at Apple and now work at Microsoft.

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