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These include Trello, Github, Asana, Salesforce and many more. Skype to Teams Tips for a smooth migration from Skype to Teams If your organization is deeply rootd in Skype, you ned to be tactful about the transition. Here’s how to move from Skype for Business to Teams without leaving anything (or anyone) behind: Give yourself enough time First, even though Skype for Business won’t be deprecatd until July 2021, don’t put off your Skype to Teams migration until the last minute.

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You’re reading this and haven’t startd the transition process yet, it’s time to schdule meetings with key stakeholders to create a plan for whatsapp mobile number list the transition. Create a Microsoft Teams governance plan Second, before moving to Teams, your organization should have a clear plan in place. For example, from where the tool will be found in your current ecosystem. Also, you should know how the employees are supposd to use it and who will be responsible for monitoring and managing the platform.

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This blueprint, or governance plan, is key to establishing organizational standards that will ensure things run smoothly from day one. Without Agent Email List this plan, your company’s Microsoft Teams organization can quickly spiral out of control. The tool can become unmanageable, leading to confusion and users not finding what they ned. Check out our complete guide to creating a Microsoft Teams governance plan for detaild steps. Choose your upgrade journey Microsoft has releasd a wealth of documentation to help businesses make the transition from Skype to Teams. Part of this is defining two separate paths companies can take when upgrading to Teams.

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