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Reputation for better or for worse. It’s also worth considering whether the name is appropriate because. Kozlov’s looks weird. For example:  Lipton Gillette Kaspersky Lab. Alliteration is simply the repetition of the same or similar sounds. The main advantage of this method is that the pronunciation is simple and easy to remember. But if you own a serious business like a consulting firm or a bank it’s best not to use this technique. For example:    Coca-Cola . abbreviation Abbreviations are a good naming choice. The main thing is that the name should sound easy easy to remember and simple.

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To do this do not have more than 3 letters Malaysia Phone Number List in the title and don’t forget to use 1 verb letter to simplify consonants. For example: KFC KFC BMW   IKEA   mobile phone system. Word Combinations Combine two words into one and you get a unique name. the creator’s two first names or the first and last name. Example: Adidas  . Coca-Cola coca leaf and kola nut Intel integrat electronics Microsoft microcomputer software. Fake Surnames If your last name doesn’t match the brand that’s okay too because you can always come up with one. If your fictional last name reflects the essence of your brand you can win on both fronts.

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For example: grains meat products horns.  company names bas on literary characters movies mythology etc. It is important to respect copyright. Either use something that doesn’t belong to a specific person or negotiate with the original in which case you’ve gain the trust of your client. Examples:    names of geographic cities regions and states are Agent Email List great for brand names themselves and word combinations Altai honey. For example the abbreviation contains one word the name of the farm where the founders were born. Examples:  KFC Kentucky  Qatar Airways The first thought that comes to.

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