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LinkedIn now prefers Engage with insights Build relationships The closer your LinkedIn SSI score is to the better youre performing as compared to your peers. A high SSI can impact how the algorithm distributes your content. LinkedIn recommends that industry leaders have an SSI score of greater than . You can check your own SSI here https sales ssi. It will look like this example linkedin social selling index example Freshworks increased their SSI score by toin three months.

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Content was key so they created and US Companies Board of Directors Email List shared relevant authentic and engaging industry content. They secured new leads showing their efforts were successful. Increase Dwell time Dwell time refers to the amount of time a person spends on a LinkedIn post and whether the user is likely to engage with a post or not. LinkedIns algorithm uses it as an important indicator of the type of posts to display in userss feeds. dwell time graph Source Create engaging posts that increase your dwell time. Combining storytelling techniques with emotional charge works best here. Build Engaged Personal connections The LinkedIn algorithm shows posts from personal connections first.

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Youve worked with and you recently Austria Phone Number interacted with. Building a large network and engaging with them is important to your success on the platform. Publishing content is not enough. You need to stay in touch and engage with your audience. Engagement probability LinkedIn first checks your content if it violates any of their spam or community guidelines. Then it tests how many of your direct contacts interact with your post to see if its interesting enough to spread. Not all interactions are equally important. comments that show real thought especially from people who work in the same area.

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