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One of the most common marketing mistakes is neglecting analytics.  able to keep the page at the top for a long time and leading blindly will ultimately not bear fruit. Tracking will help you understand where and what nes to be improv chang or kept as is. To analyze your page you can use the internal tools of the social network. Depending on the website you work on you can see how your visitors react to your content track the ups and downs of your statistics and generally gain a better understanding of your target audience.

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We also recommend analyzing your competitors to and where you are winning. For a more in-depth analysis of your pages and competitor Turkey Phone Number List analysis we recommend using the service. Currently it is possible to analyze different social networks You can select several pages at once for any period of time and compare yourself with your competitors How can a business retain customers And how it’s measur Work-sharing Most of a business’ revenue comes from loyal customers. Such buyers are very valuable to every company because they have tri the product and are satisfi which means they will buy more and invite their friends to boot. customers is more profitable and less costly than attracting new ones.

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Understand where you are losing

At the same time the buyer can more easily and quickly use what he has already tri instead of looking for something new. Figures from the study Agent Email List Attracting new customers costs twice as much as retaining them; increase increase profits; probability of selling to existing customers probability of selling to new customers; loyal customers spend more than new customers How do you know if you ne to keep a client To understand this you ne customer retention. This metric shows how well a company is retaining customers. The coefficient is measur as a percentage. If high then the customer is buying Will not leave after this time. There is a formula for determining the indicators [Total number of customers at the end of the period.

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