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Questions by looking at bios avatars and pinn stories What topic is this account dicat to What products does the brand offer Is it clear how the blogger is different from other bloggers Does the style of text and photos reflect the tone of the brand blogger Also additional advice on account self-audits can be found in the article on Step Three Content Policy Audit and any general account audit The main part of the audit is the content. to your page so they react or not to the publication they remember your company and react loyally to your advertisements. Audiences ne to get a sense of who you are and what you have to offer by looking at.

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Multiple posts on your account rather than Latvia Phone Number List reading them all. Before analyzing all publications evaluate the profile’s first impressions recent publications. Photo and video content analysis on the user appreciates the overall aesthetic of the account. Therefore all photos and videos post in the fe should be coordinat with each other. They don’t have to be identical Year Pop treats all frames the same without exception.  but together create a similar mood and style. For example several colors keep repeating. When reviewing on the web evaluate Is there a common style for the graphic content Are there any errors in the.

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Tape’s layout close-ups close together too Agent Email List much repetition of the same type of shot for example many product images in a row follow by images of people. style doesn’t mean same. Subscribers won’t appreciate dozens of similar photos in their fe. Is it clear what the account is about from recent posts without looking at the bio and profile photo Consider each photo individually quality composition originality compar to competitors relevance. Users see premium content every day and they won’t accept outdat footage that looks like stock photo content. Look at the format of photos and videos in the fe what is their.

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