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Using hashtags on Instagram, you can. Show your content to a specific group of recipients who are looking for content using, for example. Instagram’s internal search engine. Graphic showing how to search for hashtags on Instagram. Instagram’s internal search engine that you can use to search for hashtags In addition, Instagram allows you to track selected hashtags. Thanks to this, you can follow content marked with the selected. Hashtag that interests you.: Graphics showing the ability to follow selected hashtags on Instagram. How to use hashtags on Instagram? 91% of posts that generate the most engagement have 7 or fewer hashtags, Find the most popular Instagram hashtags relevant to your industry. The use of popular hashtags will increase your reach of published posts.

Graphics showing under posts using hashtags

Choose hashtags according to what you are posting – it is worth taking into account the place, surroundings and what is in the published content. Define your company hashtags that will be unique and reserved only for your brand or promotional phone number list campaign (as Nike does). Using the Instagram search engine, you can check whether a given hashtag is already taken. Avoid too many popular hashtags – the use of the 30 most popular hashtags only seemingly guarantees a high reach. The hashtags you use should be a mix of the most popular and niche ones. Hashtags on Facebook Here, hashtags appeared only in 2013. After the success of hashtags on Twitter.

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The analysis of engagement

Would expect a similar situation to take place on Facebook. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Hashtags on this social media channel reduce Agent Email List the reach of posts that have at least 1 hashtag in the content of the post. on the social media platform which is Facebook. Chart showing engagement with or without hashtag – Source. It turns out that hashtags here simply do not work, and even harm.

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